Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Another digi one

I'd forgotten I'd got this photo - its our nutty cat, Sharna
Bel's off to Preston Manor today for a School trip - I had to drop her off extra early and the children (and teachers) looked brilliant, they were all dressed in Victorian clothes. Apparently all the staff at the Manor will be dressed up and they'll have a day of activities to add to what they've been learning about the Victorians. I did look Preston Manor up on the internet - I didn't tell Bel is supposed to be Brighton's most haunted building! lol

Saturday, 14 July 2007

Digital scrapbooking

This is my new "project" - it seemed just perfect for those lazy evenings when I can't get motivated to get the craft stuff out. I might eventually do some pages to put on a cd to put in Christmas cards (at Christmas obviously!). I also had the idea a while ago of making a My Chemical Romance scrapbook but had real difficulty finding suitable papers - there's so much digital stuff available out there that this might be the answer :-)
Anyway, here's first layout, just playing earlier on

Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Eek! Had an urgent order for a card for a 10 year old boy last night - fortunately he's keen on football so it was the good old football shirt again (West Ham this time!)
I also did Bel's birthday card but haven't had a chance to scan it when she's not around yet! I promise there'll be a picture soon!