Thursday, 31 May 2007


We took some of the photos down in the living room recently as we were going for a less cluttered look (not easy with my crafty stuff lol) so I decided to scrap some of Bel's baby pictures.


Sorry for the gap, I haven't forgotten you! Decided you'd very soon get bored with "went to work, came home" "went dancing" "came home" and I haven't done a lot that's very exciting. I've had a couple of days hols from work but mainly just relaxing so not much to add there either! I did do a few scrapbook pages which I was going to put on here but I can't find the camera lead to "retrieve" the pics and I can't ask Del at the mo cos he's fast asleep... aw..... So I'll be back this evening to put on the pics - after I've gone to work, come home and gone dancing and come home lol

Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Woo hoo!

Found another MCR fan on my favourite card making forum :-) don't feel so alone now lol

In a bit of chaos at the mo.... we live in a one bedroom flat, Bel has the bedroom and we sleep on a bed settee - went to put it away earlier and it wouldn't close! Its done it before, Del has the knack of sorting it but I don't so its had to stay out for now - mind you Bel's happy cos she's flopping on it watching tv at the mo!

Monday, 21 May 2007

New week

Well Monday again! Spent most of the afternoon walking around, from work to School to pick Bel up, School to home to collect her ballet stuff, walked from home to ballet, left her there and walked home again.....

then had a lovely relaxed couple of hours playing Zuma on the X-Box (a most addictive game, unfortunately I've been stuck on level 8 for ages) with The Black Parade cd in the background, then.....

walked back to ballet again for my ballet and jazz lesson and then both of us walked home again! (Phew). Well should get me fit anyway!

Sunday, 20 May 2007

Arsenal card

Quite pleased with the Arsenal card

Del's just back from his cycle ride, he said he really enjoyed it although his knees hurt a bit! Least he's ok :-)


Well I've got a nice quiet morning ahead apart from nipping to the shop down the end of the road with Bel to put some electric on. Del has a less quiet morning, he's been persuaded to join some work colleagues who have decided to take up cycling.... which is fine except he hasn't cycled for years! He picked up his Dad's bike yesterday and rode it home and found it pretty hard work :-( Dread to think what he'll be like later - OK I hope as we're going to a BBQ! Its one of his friends from work's Son's 16th birthday, we've never met the Son but I've been told his favourite football team is Arsenal so at least that gives me something to work on for a card which is my other job for this morning! I'll put on a pic later if there's time.

Friday, 18 May 2007


Quote from Gerard Way, lead singer of My Chemical Romance

"If for one minute you think you're better than a sixteen year old girl in a Green Day t-shirt, you are sorely mistaken. Remember the first time you went to a show and saw your favourite band? You wore their shirt and sang every word. You didn't know anything about scene politics, haircuts or what was cool. All you knew was that this music made you feel different from anyone you shared a locker with. Someone finally understood you. This is what music is about"


Woo hoo, the weekend starts here ..... makes it sound as if its going to be really exciting; its not really, I'm just glad to be finished for the week! Got to pop into town to buy some shoes tomorrow as I'm practically living in my cowboy boots at the mo - don't want to wear them out I'll have nothing to line dance in! Apart from that its a quietish day, bit of housework to do probably with the Scuzz music channel on in the background :-) As I get older my musical taste seems to get younger.... I don't tend to mention my favourite music at work - I'd be very surprised if anyone there had heard of My Chemical Romance... sigh..

What do you mean, you haven't either! Don't tell me I'm their only 40 year old fan lol

Thursday, 17 May 2007


Hiya! No time for to post yesterday, took Bel to dancing (modern) straight from school, then home had a quick dinner and then off to Line Dancing! Lots of new people there last night so we did all the nice easy ones, plus the Lemon Tree that we started last week and I couldn't get the hang of, it suddenly fell into place this week so I didn't make as big a mess of it this time! Nice when it works like that. Had tap after work today, we're practising for our "Adult Fun Tap Exams" in September.... well the tap is fun but I'm not sure doing exams is going to be! We're learning a Fred Astair type dance with a cane at the moment - the studio's not that big so I'm slightly nervous about hitting the person behind me with it! lol

Tuesday, 15 May 2007


Got there in the end! I actually made three but one won't scan properly at the mo, I'll have to try to take a photo another time. I couldn't be bothered to get the Cricut out so these are either made with a bit of help from the computer (I love Paint Shop Pro!) or from bits within easy reach :-)

Motivational difficulties! lol

Well no dancing for either me or Bel on a Tuesday, she usually has athletics after school but it was cancelled today due to the weather so technically the whole evening is stretching ahead of me.... the baked potatoes are in the oven and I'm going to shove a chicken and ham pie in there too in a bit (not home made I have to say) so there won't be too much washing up so perfect crafting opportunity, so why have I come in, played Scooby Doo on Bel's Nintendo DS (at her request I have to say) and trawled around the forums instead of getting on with it!!

I'll update later or in the morning hopefully to say I've made something!


Well yesterday didn't quite work out as planned as when Bel woke up it was clear she wasn't well - fortunately Del was off ill himself so he looked after her and I still got to go to work in the morning and to the Dyslexia meeting in the afternoon. Having spoken to forum friends etc I've realised that we're lucky in this area and in Bel's school in particularly with the support that is given to dyslexic children - every effort is made not only to improve their reading and writing but also to ensure they do not feel excluded in everyday classroom life. I did have to laugh at one point, Mrs.Nice (appropriately named) was listing the common symptoms of dyslexia and Bel fitted into almost every catagory - at the end she said "I'm looking at you Mrs.Perkins!" I said "yes, I thought you were....!" The only catagory really she doesn't fit into is having speech difficulties or difficulties expressing herself verbally - anyone who has met her will confirm she has no difficulty at all getting her point across! LOL

Obviously she missed dancing not being well but I had ballet and jazz in the evening, which means I ache a little this morning! Most of the girls (well none of us can really be described as girls!) much prefer the jazz and would rather we didn't do ballet at all but I don't mind it (although I'm under no illusion that I look like a graceful swan!). Our only worry is exactly what Mrs.Haviland our teacher will have us dancing in next year's show....... :-)

Monday, 14 May 2007


Oh well, back to work today.... got a bit of a muddly day actually, Bel is terrible at bringing home letters from School and she gave me one on Friday to say there was a Dyslexia support afternoon at School today! She's quite severely dyslexic so I really would like to go - fortunately I've got an understanding Boss so I was able to send him an e-mail when I got home from picking her up from School to warn him and he said that was fine. I was going to take the afternoon off but as I finish at 3.00 anyway and the thing at School doesn't start til 2.00 it seemed a bit of a waste so I'm now leaving about 1.40, going to the School thing, coming home with Bel when it finishes, taking her to Ballet and Drama which is near to work, going back to work for an hour or so, then going back to dancing for my Ballet and Jazz lesson, then we'll both get home about 7.00. Phew.....

Sunday, 13 May 2007

Been playing :-)

Had a bit of a play again today and made these cards, the one with Dad on it is for my Dad (surprise, surprise!) the others are just playing around, they'll go into the card box I keep at work, when I get roung to doing inserts for them, that's something I always put off as long as I can possibly can!


Wet and rainy here today, fortunately we hadn't planned on doing anything today. Its much the same as the weather last weekend, but me and Bel did brave the weather on Bank Holiday Monday to see the Hastings Jack in the Green Celebrations.

Its been going for a few years now and gets to be a bigger and better event every year with morris dancing and other troupes coming from quite a distance away. Basically "Jack" (the big leafy green chap with the crown in the first pic) is led through the streets accompanied by his attendants, all the dancers and also a couple of "Giants". After stopping en route (for more dancing and beer etc!) they finish up at Hastings Castle where in the afternoon Jack is "slain" and the spirit of Summer is set free for another year. We watched the Parade but didn't go up to the Castle this year because of the weather - I did wonder if the sun would miraculously come out in the afternoon but I don't think it did!

Hastings on May Bank Holiday has also become a date in motorcyclists' diaries, and they congregate in the sea front car park and huge groups of them can be seen riding round the town in convoy. I didn't get any photos this year but the local paper estimates there were 15,000 here this year - less than in previous years because of the weather!!

Saturday, 12 May 2007

Waterfall card

This is my first attempt at a waterfall card, haven't gone mad with the embellishments etc as I just wanted to see if I could do it! Quite pleased with it, the wire "Birthday" is a Papermania one I've had for ages and haven't been sure what to use it on!


I'm hoping to get some crafty stuff done this evening/tomorrow. The Animal Kingdom cartridge I'd ordered for the Cricut arrived on Thursday and I've only had time for a little play with it (I cut a few animals for Bel because otherwise as soon as I tried to use it she'd be demanding animals for herself!) Apart from having a go with that I've got a fancy to try to a waterfall card, haven't made one of them yet.

I also got the photos back I'd ordered in the week from the dance show (Hansel and Gretal) that Bel and I were both in back in March - they're not brilliant pics but good enough to do a few scrapbook pages with at some point, although they might have to wait a while.

Must remember I've got Father's Day cards and MIL's birthday card to do at some point ready for next month too.........


This is like starting a diary, you intend to write something every day but it probably won't work out like that! Well I know it won't, I don't really have an exciting enough life for that!

Anyway hello to friends old and new, those I know from my favourite card making forum ((((big hugs to you all))) and those I'm meeting for the first time :-)