Thursday, 30 August 2007

Day three

Well, we have a working sink (and waste disposal) and the fridge/freezer is in - its been great, we were able to keep our old separate fridge and freezer plugged in the front room so the stuff's gone straight from there into the new one, I'd run them down as much as possible but I'd still had visions of having to throw stuff away so I'm really pleased. And although we had take away pizza last night it was good to be able to wash cups and bits in the sink rather than in the bathroom wash basin! I'm at work til 5.30 today and then going straight to tap so I can't wait to see what it looks like tonight! And best thing is Bel will be back from MILs tonight as she can actually get into her bedroom again!

Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Kitchen - Day two

Well it looks a bit different today! They did say they would have got some of the units in yesterday but the electricians needed to do some work first and they couldn't come until late afternoon, so hopefully things should start going in today :)

Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Kitchen - Day One

Well here are the "before" pictures - notice how nothing matches,is tatty and I'm not sure whether you can see it in the pictures, but there's a huge hole in the wall where the old boiler used to be (its now in the airing cupboard)


First of all apologies for the gap - we've had a busy few weeks, as you'll appreciate its Summer holidays and me and Bel spent a great ten days or so with my Mum and Dad at the beginning of the holidays, the best bit being that Bel learned to swim whilst we were there, she's gone from being quite nervous of water to swimming quite confidently which is lovely :-)

Another bit of good news is that my best "on-line" friend Kim has managed to get My Chemical Romance tickets for 15th November in London! Can't wait first of all to see them, and also to meet her! We chat every day but haven't met yet so it will be great :-)

Not so good has been the fact that Del had what at the time they were treating as a suspected heart attack so its been a bit of an up and down time. He spent a night in hospital and has had lots of tests - they're now saying they don't think it was a heart attack but because of his job (he's a bus driver) he's not allowed to drive a bus until all the tests are completed and they can say for definite that it wasn't,so he's been at home for the last few weeks. Mind you, he hasn't had a chance to get bored, whilst me and Bel were away, we had new central heating fitted and today work starts on our new kitchen! Eek!! It'll be great when its done but its going to be chaos for a while! Actually its chaos now, everything was delivered on Saturday and because we live in such a small flat, Bel's bedroom is completely full with cabinets, the new washing machine, dishwaser etc and the front room (where we sleep) has the new fridge freezer and all the boxes of everything we've taken out of the kitchen! Poor Bel's been sleeping at MILs since Saturday as she can't get to her bed! I've been ruthless and chucked out tons of old stuff I don't use or which needs replacing so I'm feeling quite good (although slightly nervous) at the moment! I took a couple of pictures this morning which I'll put on in a minute so you'll see why I'm so happy about having it replaced! lol