Thursday, 24 July 2008

Few more ...

.... Cuttlebugged cards. The first two are A5, the second two A6 (I am trying to make some smaller ones although I still find them a challenge!)

Monday, 21 July 2008


I expect the rest of the world knew this, but if not, acetate embosses beautifully on the Cuttlebug! Just got to decide what to do with the embossed piece I now have!

Saturday, 19 July 2008

Oh, and nearly forgot!

Have found the memory card for the camera, so here's a (not very good) photo of three quarters of the mice - its so difficult to get a photo as they don't stand still! This is William and Michael, with Ben in the background. Charlie was hiding somewhere!

First two Cuttlebug cards

Well its official - I've joined the Cuttlebug fan club! Its great, so easy to use and that deep embossing is just great. Anyway, here are my first two efforts, and as you'll see both are stamped - this ex-stamper is fast becoming a stamper again! lol The "sentiments" are embossed onto gold card which didn't scan too well but embossed beautifully.

Friday, 18 July 2008

I've been treated ...

.... to a Cuttlebug! Woohoo! At the beginning of the week Del told me to order some embossing folders - because a Cuttlebug was on the way - and yesterday when I got home from dancing one neighbour had taken in the parcel containing the Cuttlebug and another had taken in the parcel of embossing folders! I haven't had time to make a card yet but had a little play last night and I love it! Really wish I had a day off work today lol

Monday, 7 July 2008

Bel's Birthday card

Made while she is at dancing with about 10 minutes to spare! Just got to make sure I hide the left over bits now!

Sad news... and things to blog

Things have been a bit busy here at the moment, sadly Del's Nan passed away at the beginning of last week so we have been getting ready for the funeral which is on Thursday (the Funeral Directors were originally suggesting Wednesday which is Bel's Birthday!) and for Bel's party next Sunday.... really hope the weather improves for both of them - its windy and wet here at the moment!)

I have managed to make one card recently, an A4 one for everyone at work to sign for a colleague who is retiring and moving to France. I've not done one that size before and am quite pleased with it

I've got another card to make while Bel is at dancing later - her Birthday card (which I almost forgot in all the excitement of making up party bags etc - whoops!) She loves giraffes and I found this great PSP tube I've made him into a 3d sheet and vellum(first one I've done for ages).

If you would like a copy of these, you can download them here

Have fun!

Wednesday, 2 July 2008

We love those meeces to pieces!

We have our mice! No pics yet I'm afraid - the memory card for the camera is still missing, I haven't dared tell Del yet, just hope I find it in the next day or so.

Well Sunday turned into a bit of a saga! The shop which always has small animals was being refurbished and had no animals at all! We got a cage and all the other necessary things, but no mice! Of course, there were tears.. not over the top spoilt child ones, but a few quiet disappointed ones which was worse We chased all over Eastbourne looking for somewhere else (knowing there was nowhere open in Hastings) without luck, got home, checked the internet and found a place we didn't know about in Eastbourne which was open on a Sunday and when we phoned had mice in stock - so we turned around and went back!

The original intention was to get two lady mice - but we had managed to get a larger cage than we intended for a good price and so we had said she could have three - when we got there, there were four males and two females (brothers and sisters) in the same cage. The man said it was about time to separate them but to be honest I was a bit worried about the females anyway just in case he had left it a bit late to separate them! So we now have all four boys They are brilliant, they are all different colours and have different personalities which we are starting to see already! Bel has named them:-

Michael (albino)

William (Cinnamon and white with pink eyes)

Charlie (Grey with pink eyes)

Ben (Black and white with black eyes)

After three days of having them we are really seeing their personalities! William only stops moving when he's asleep! If there's one that's likely to be going round in the wheel or running round the cage it'll be him - me and Del call him "Bomber" because he's always bombing round the cage at top speed! Michael likes to hide in the plastic tube that runs round the outside of the cage - its a good hiding place because you can't reach him in there but as its clear plastic you get some good views of him. He falls asleep in there sometimes and is soooo sweet! You tend to see less of Charlie and Ben but they are the only two who have let us pick them up so far - Charlie sat for ages in Bel's hands yesterday. We've had to be so careful about holding them over something though so they don't have a free run if they do jump - they're about ten times fast than big old Hammy! Hammy keeps his cage tidier too, its amazing the mess four tiny little mice make compared to one big old hamster!