Tuesday, 30 December 2008


Yay! I've actually made some cards lol I never expected the digital scrapbooking blog to take off quite as much as it has, but its taking almost all my spare time. When I read some of the lovely comments I've had on there it is definitely all worth it, but it has meant that cardmaking has had to take a back seat lately - I did make about two thirds of the Christmas cards I sent this year, but they were all very similar and I forgot to scan any! Anyway, I had a few days off after Christmas and had a couple of really good cardmaking sessions - I found it was good coming back to it after a break and discovering things I'd forgotten I'd got! Here goes, this may take a while lol

By the way, I'm hoping in the New Year to be doing lots more papers and bits specifically for cardmaking - I'm not sure at the moment whether to put them on here or elsewhere, but I'll keep you posted - in any event they'll all be "commercial use" so you can use them on cards for sale :-)