Tuesday, 30 December 2008


Yay! I've actually made some cards lol I never expected the digital scrapbooking blog to take off quite as much as it has, but its taking almost all my spare time. When I read some of the lovely comments I've had on there it is definitely all worth it, but it has meant that cardmaking has had to take a back seat lately - I did make about two thirds of the Christmas cards I sent this year, but they were all very similar and I forgot to scan any! Anyway, I had a few days off after Christmas and had a couple of really good cardmaking sessions - I found it was good coming back to it after a break and discovering things I'd forgotten I'd got! Here goes, this may take a while lol

By the way, I'm hoping in the New Year to be doing lots more papers and bits specifically for cardmaking - I'm not sure at the moment whether to put them on here or elsewhere, but I'll keep you posted - in any event they'll all be "commercial use" so you can use them on cards for sale :-)

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

A Taste of Spring!

The weather's been so cold here I made this set of papers for The Home of the Elemental Pixie to cheer me up and make me think of Spring! The great flower brushes are from Obsidian Dawn. I thought they'd make good cardmaking papers so I've redone them as A4s - these come as a zip file containing 12 different colour papers.

Download the Taste of Spring papers here.

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Christmas papers

Well sadly no time for cardmaking for a while - I've had some extra bits to do for work plus the Digital Scrapbooking blog has turned out to be more popular than I expected, so all my spare time has been taken up with that. Anyway, these papers are part of a scrap kit I've just put on there and which I thought would make good cardmaking papers, so here they are at cardmaking size!

Download the Robins paper here.

Download the Presents1 paper here.

Download Presents2 here.

Download Presents3 here.

Download the Christmas Stocking paper here.

Have fun!

Monday, 29 September 2008


Well I have to say I haven't been doing a lot of cardmaking lately - the
digital scrapbooking blog has turned out to be more successful that I expected and is taking every spare minute at the moment! Still, I'm enjoying it and trying to build up a little collection of things all ready to blog on there when I'm busy doing other things, such as Christmas cards which I shall have to think about soon!

I'm going to try to do a few papers etc in cardmaking sizes as its ages since I put any freebies on here, so here are three to start off with - I've done them in landscape rather than portrait so you can hopefully get as much out of a sheet as possible.

Download "Birthday Boy" here, "Birthday Girl" here and "Congratulations" here.

Have fun!

Friday, 29 August 2008


Well, I've been on holiday for the past fortnight, staying with my Mum and Dad - I did treat myself to a bit of craft stuff so am looking forward to making some cards when I get home in the next day or so :-) I've also taken the opportunity whilst not having much of my stuff with me to do a bit of digital scrapbooking which has had to take a back seat for a while. Here are a couple I've made this week

I've also been trying out the 30 day free trial of Photoshop Elements available on the Adobe site and I love it! I'm definitely going to buy it when the trial is up and I've been having a great time having a go at making my own elements. I've started a separate blog to share some of the things I've made - I'm very much at the beginner stage at the moment but hopefully I will improve and learn! Anyway my "Elemental Pixie" blog can be found
here. I hope you'll pop in and take a look :-)

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Another A4 leaving card

Another leaving card I'm afraid for another lady taking voluntary redundancy. This lady is near retirement age anyway and is going to take a couple of months off before deciding whether to retire completely or look for a part time job. Hopefully this will be the last of the leaving cards for a while!

Wednesday, 6 August 2008

A leaving card

Unfortunately the economic situation has hit small Solicitors' firms hard and we have had redundancies at work, some compulsory, some voluntary, as well as having several people leaving for other reasons this year and not being replaced - its pretty busy at the moment with less people to do the work and some people off on holiday! This is a leaving card for one of the girls taking voluntary redundancy, we've been teasing her over the last few days about having a change of career and thinking up weird and wonderful jobs for her!

I forgot to add its an A4 card so its big enough for everyone to sign - I enjoyed making this one, my second A4 card was less daunting than the first one I made a couple of weeks ago!

Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Two cards

I've had time to do two cards this week, hoping to get another play tonight - Bel is at MILs during the day during the holidays but she tends to take a look at what Nanny is having for dinner and if she likes the look of it asks to stay longer! So whilst I still leave work at 3.00, she's often not home until 6.00 or so. I don't think Nanny minds now she's a bit older and can entertain herself round there - she's looking particularly grown up at the moment after a hair cut yesterday and a new shorter style - it'll be a nice surprise for Granny and Grandad (my Mum and Dad) when we go up there to stay in two week's time, I think they'll be surprised how grown up she looks - she's definitely taller since the last time they saw her as well! Anyway, I nearly forgot the cards - Birthday cards for my Mum and BIL - I'll let you guess which is which lol lol

Friday, 1 August 2008


We had a lovely meal out on Saturday with Del's family, it was a sort of "memorial" for his Nan, but a happy cheerful one which was lovely and great food too. I've never had scallops before but have always been sure that I'd like them - and I do! Whilst we were at our meal the Son of a friend at work was getting married; his Mum asked me to make a couple of thank you cards afterwards, one for the Beach Club where they had their reception, and one for the chap who did a BBQ for them, I'll leave you to decide which is which lol. Excuse my scanning on the second one, I finished them just before leaving for work and had to literally chuck them under the scanner!

Thursday, 24 July 2008

Few more ...

.... Cuttlebugged cards. The first two are A5, the second two A6 (I am trying to make some smaller ones although I still find them a challenge!)