Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Two cards

I've had time to do two cards this week, hoping to get another play tonight - Bel is at MILs during the day during the holidays but she tends to take a look at what Nanny is having for dinner and if she likes the look of it asks to stay longer! So whilst I still leave work at 3.00, she's often not home until 6.00 or so. I don't think Nanny minds now she's a bit older and can entertain herself round there - she's looking particularly grown up at the moment after a hair cut yesterday and a new shorter style - it'll be a nice surprise for Granny and Grandad (my Mum and Dad) when we go up there to stay in two week's time, I think they'll be surprised how grown up she looks - she's definitely taller since the last time they saw her as well! Anyway, I nearly forgot the cards - Birthday cards for my Mum and BIL - I'll let you guess which is which lol lol

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